Event in Tokyo: Smart and Playable City

We will hold an interesting event titled “Smart and Playable City” in Tokyo’s OpenPool Studio on June 2, 2013. Some openpoolers will give a talk, so if you happen to be in Tokyo at that time, why don’t you join us?

PC can now be installed onto the ceiling

We were tackling the problem of installing the main computer on the floor, which made cable-handling difficult. As you can imagine, there are a lot of cables in the space above the billiard table. One from the projector to the PC, another from a Kinect to the PC, one more from the other Kinect to the PC. The farther you put the PC, the longer the cables will be. So our long-lasting dream was to prevent that by putting the PC onto the ceiling. And now, we’ve found the solution. The computer needed to be small and light-weight, yet powerful enough to show the effects smoothly. Also, OpenPool, which uses […]

New Pocket Detectors being developed

We’ve been developing a new type of Pocket Detectors recently, with the 3D printer in our OpenPool lab. We’ll do an interview and post an article to reveal the secrets of this cool product soon, so stay tuned!

Exciting news! New Kinect has rolled out

Hey all the Kinect lovers, it’s a wonderful day isn’t it? For us, absolutely yes.
That’s of course because Microsoft rolled out the new Xbox, and, what’s important, the New Kinect!

OpenPool has gone opensource finally!

  Hey folks! Finally, OpenPool has gone opensource! Now, you can crate things like these pictures. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.194885113995718.1073741825.158432867640943&type=1 Exciting, eh? We prepared how-to-install documents for you, just go visit: Mac: http://www.openpool.cc/installation-guide-mac/ Windows: http://www.openpool.cc/installation-guide-win/ Or if you think you are a super hacker, Github is also waiting for you: https://github.com/openpool/ AND, we made what we call “DIY-recipe”, so that you can build your own OpenPool space. http://www.openpool.cc/diy-recipe/ OpenPool is beta, and it’s not perfectly prepared for every possible problem. But we want to make it better with you. So share this post, make some noise. Then you will find friends to enjoy OpenPool together.

SxSW #GetOpenPool Winner

Finally we are ready to ship the tables we used in SxSW! Thank you Billiard Factory.   So now, we announce the result of #GetOpenPool campaign. Sorry for keeping you waiting, folks. Are you ready? (If you don’t know what #GetOpenPool was, see here) By the way, there are two winners. Good news? One won the table exhibited in Gaming Expo and the other got the one in Trade Show.   ***   So, the first #GetOpenPool winner is…     Dr. @polinchock! Congratulations!! His office, AT&T AdWorks Lab gets one table!     The second winner is …   @ohaifrancy! Congratulations!! Wargaming in San Francisco will have a table […]

Tomorrow, we’ll give a talk in Niconico Gakkai!

We’ll appear in public again! Yes. We got a chance to give a presentation in Niconico Gakkai. It is one of the programs of the big conference, Niconico Cho-kaigi, hosted by Japan’s leading culture generator, Niconico Douga. Thank you Niconico Gakkai team! We’ll talk about our product and discuss how we can learn from Niconico culture. Also, there’ll be a kind of good news we’ll enroll. So don’t miss it. We’ll on the stage in a session from 13:45, April 27 JST. Our turn will be probably around 14:00. More info like other speakers, please see: http://niconicogakkai.jp/nng4/ http://niconicogakkai.jp/nng4/madness-vote-fix There will be tons of interestingly weird speakers on the stage as […]