Contribute to Core Library

OpenPool project welcomes new contributors. This document will guide you through the process.


Fork the project on GitHub and check out your copy. For keeping code quarities of our project, we separate devel(opment) branch from master branch, so you HAVE TO checkout local branch from “devel” and send pull request into it. Also we recommend you to make your own topic branch (like develSpike) for managing your commit.



Writing good commit logs is important. Our recommendation is to make commits as meaningful small change, and gather it before pushing.



Use git rebase (not git merge) to sync your work from time to time.



At least, run ant before you push project codes. Confirm all builds run correctly.

Please, do not submit patches that fail check.


Go to and select your topic branch. Click the ‘Pull Request’ button, select “devel” as a base branch and fill out the form.
Pull requests are usually reviewed within a few days.