Advent of Billiard Revolution

OpenPool is an open source project that gives you a totally new billiards experience.
You’d be fascinated by the interactive visual effects projected onto the table.


If you have a standard pool table, balls and cues, just set up some devices and it’ll turn into an OpenPool.

Most importantly, you can create your own effects because it’s open source.
Now, write some code, invite your friends, and play OpenPool with your coolest self-made effects.

How the Magic works


The OpenPool Core: Two Kinects attached on the ceiling watch the locations of balls and a projector shows cool visual effects around the moving balls.

The Pocket Detectors: An original sensor device put on each pocket, made of mbed, LEDs, IR sensors and a 3D-printed case, sends signals when a ball falls into a pocket.

The Collision Detector: A microphone detects bumps of balls.

A lot more coming! Or it is you that will make new features in the future: because it’s open source.

Let’s Dive into OpenPool

Create your own effects? Go read Mac / Windows
Contribute to the library? Go visit Github
Build your own OpenPool space? Go see DIY-recipe

OpenPool is beta. We want to make it better with you. Let’s enjoy OpenPool together.