OpenPool wins Audience Award at Microsoft Innovation Award Japan!

OpenPool was on the stage of Microsoft Innovation Award final presentations, held on May 30th in their Tokyo office. The event took place during the company’s developer conference named de:code. And the result was wonderful. OpenPool won Audience Award, as well as one of Excellence Awards! Thank you for voting! Some Japanese media featured the event. Other projects are also very interesting, so just take a look.

Thank you, our kind backers on Kickstarter!

Unfortunately, OpenPool was unsuccessful to get funded on Kickstarter. However, we continue on our voyage to somehow ship the product to the world. Though we have very few budget to continue on our development, we promise you to make the source code open in a few months. Please keep your eye on our website. Also, we are still seeking for good opportunities. After all, we sincerely appreciate your kind support!

OpenPool now on Kickstarter & in SXSW Gaming Expo!!!

Doudle big news!! We are starting a Kickstarter campaign today! – Kickstarter Page Visit the page, and back us right now! – SXSW Gaming Expo Date: Mar 7-9, 2014 Location: Palmer Events Center, 900 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX 78704 – SXSW Trade Show Date: Mar 9-12, 2014 Come visit us, folks in Austin!!

OpenPool Named SXSW Interactive Awards Finalist!

We are proud to announce we have been nominated as a finalist in the Amusement category of the 2014 SXSW Interactive Awards!’s-top-new According to SXSW, the Interactive Awards highlight the coolest projects from the Interactive community, including mobile and tablet apps, platforms, games, kiosks/installations, digital campaigns, websites and more. They are looking for projects created by the Interactive community that push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital content and inspire the next wave of creativity. We are thrilled and honored by the news! If you come to Austin this march, don’t forget to come see OpenPool. We’ll be both in Gaming Expo and Trade Show during SXSW. This […]

Report: OpenPool GoodDesign Exhibition

As we posted before, our exhibition at Tokyo Midtown successfully took place and ended. We demonstrated our brand-new version of OpenPool coming along with two new effects, and it was extremely well received. You’ll like it once you see the photos and videos below. Sea-saw effect. ReflectBeat effect. Kids really liked OpenPool! Beautiful isn’t it? Huge turnout, especially kids! You can see ReflectBeat, the original gaming machine in the back. The originally-designed exhibition frames. Thank you so much Konami Style Store! Last but not least, these time-lapse movies show you how the exhibition was in the coolest way. Enjoy!

OpenPool won Good Design Award 2013

OpenPool has just won Good Deisgn Award 2013! Good Design Award is one of the most recognized awards in Japan. It has been played a big role as the most influential design award since 1957, and introduced many cool products to the public. From today on, OpenPool will keep moving forward with the well-known G symbol.

Kinect-projector interaction in the bathroom: AquaTop Display

Another interesting project has come out from Tokyo! I came accross an article from The Verge, featuring a Kinect-projector combination project named AquaTop Display. Researchers have created a “touchscreen” for your bathtub. With only a Kinect sensor and a projector, AquaTop display facilitates interacting with virtual objects using just your hands. In order to function properly, the system requires you add some bath salts to your tub, which will turn the water opaque and prevent the camera from picking up false inputs. As a proof of concept, the team at Tokyo’s University of Electro-Communications Koike Laboratory have created a number of demos that utilize some innovative gestures. Via: Looks […]

Whiteboard Table-top?

Billiard table occupies a lot of space. I agree. But just giving it a little twist, it turns into a really lovely useful working desk when you don’t use it as a field where you play the sport. How could it be? See the photo: Yeah, it turns into whiteboard table! Isn’t it cute? With projection, it will stimulate even more imagination. How to make it? It’s DIY of course. All you have to do is create your own table-top board and put some whiteboard paper on it. That’s it!

Collision Detector is going to work in the same box!

One of the coolest features of OpenPool is Collision Detector. It enables us to detect when a ball bumps another ball, and make some sound effects. Previously, Collision Detector worked only on Mac. Good news is it is going to work in the same Windows machine in the future. Actually, one of the coolest OpenPool developers has succeeded in making it work. Let’s take a look at the video: here, the brand-new version of Collision Detector is working well. Stay tuned until it officially rolls out!