Kinect-projector interaction in the bathroom: AquaTop Display

Another interesting project has come out from Tokyo!

I came accross an article from The Verge, featuring a Kinect-projector combination project named AquaTop Display.

Researchers have created a “touchscreen” for your bathtub. With only a Kinect sensor and a projector, AquaTop display facilitates interacting with virtual objects using just your hands. In order to function properly, the system requires you add some bath salts to your tub, which will turn the water opaque and prevent the camera from picking up false inputs. As a proof of concept, the team at Tokyo’s University of Electro-Communications Koike Laboratory have created a number of demos that utilize some innovative gestures.


Looks awesome, eh?

You can see the video here:

For more detailed description, see:

We’ll keep an eye on the future of the project!