The Openpool in AT&T AdWorks Lab New York is now working!

Hi, today I visited AT&T AdWorks Lab in New York to set their Openpool up. Where do you think the Openpool is installed in AT&T AdWorks Lab? That’s the center of the entrance space!!! They are actually going to exhibit the Openpool in the upcoming Advertising Week, “the world’s premier annual gathering of marketing and communications leaders each year in New York City” (quoted from the official website), which is a great honor for us Openpool team. In the AT&T AdWorks Lab, Kinects and a projector for Openpool are installed on the ceiling. We tackled calibrations and on-site problem solving with Alex, a nice guy working for AT&T and in […]

Visited MIT Media Lab! Openpool@Boston

Openpool@Boston! Hi, I am Shinya, a hardware developer at Openpool, maintaining and developing the Openpool Ball Detector. I am now staying in Boston until this December for my personal reason, and also seeking opportunities to expand our Openpool project in Boston. As the first step, I visited the MIT Media Lab, one of the next targets to install Openpool. Kendall Station, displaying the history of MIT. The MIT Media Lab is a 3-minute walk from the Kendall Station.   At the entrance of the MIT Media Lab, the famous Silk Pavilion is exhibited. Silk is one of the recent hottest research topics at the MIT Media Lab. They rediscovered silkworms […]