Solution for Multi-Kinect problem = Shake’n’Sense?

One of the difficult issues OpenPool currently faces, is the fact that we use two Kinects.
We need two Kinects to cover the entire surface of the billiard table, no matter what size the table is.

Kinect works with IR. So one of the Kinects can be confused when it receives IR emitted from the other Kinect. Therefore, at the center of the table, in the middle of the two Kinects, there have often been an interference which caused some malfunctioning in detecting objects.

So we need to figure out a solution. One possible solution is to use what is called “Shake’n’sense”.
Cool name, isn’t it?

Well, the detailed technology is here:

So we made an original mounter to shake the Kinect. It’s made of a motor and some of self-3D-printed parts.

Though we have not completely conquered the problem yet, we will continue to battle with the interference.
We welcome your opinion or advice!